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Course Approval

Getting Credit for Courses Abroad

Faculty-led Courses: These are Salem State courses, and so they will count toward your degree and gpa as any other Salem State course.

Summer / Fall / Spring Semester Programs

If you are going on an approved program (Study Abroad Coordinator has approved), then you will earn foreign credits as transfer credits. The grades you earn will not count toward or against your gpa, but they will appear on your transcript.

To have particular courses count toward your major, minor, or as general electives, you must complete an Outside Course Request Form and have it signed by the respective department chair. You will then submit the signed form to your Study Abroad Coordinator.

Your transcript will arrive to the Study Abroad Office and will be processed as soon as it arrives. Foreign universities can take much longer to submit grades than you may be accustomed, so don't be surprised if you don't received your transcript one, two or even three months after your program ends.