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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty Led Study Travel Programs 2022

Faculty-Led Programs are Salem State courses where you travel with classmates and are guided by your faculty. These are great for first year students, students who cannot be away for a long period of time, students with tight academic schedules, and for those who would like to travel with others! 

The travel part of the journey is usually 6-12 days. Most of the programs are open to ANY major and are great ways to fulfill general education or degree requirements.

Application Process
The application is fairly simple - visit the program page and click "Apply Now." If you are a Salem State student, you can log into the application using your SSU username and password. All participants must be in good academic (2.0 gpa) and judicial standing. The application consists of:
  • Questionnaire as to why you want to go on the program
  • Disciplinary report confirming whether or not you have gotten in trouble on campus or with the law
  • Copy of your unofficial transcript (which you can upload from your Navigator Account)
  • Copy of your passport (if a passport is required)
    • Note: You do not need a passport to apply to the program, but most programs require a passport in order to travel

Winter Session (January):

Kigali, Rwanda
Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Undergraduate course: HST 502 (or possible directed study)
Graduate course: SWK 880

SSU Spring Break (week of March 13)

Athens, Greece
The Greek Experience from Athens to Atlantis
Course: PHL 450

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Environmental Justice, Post-Climate Disaster Recovery
Course: GPH 402

Riga, Latvia
Social Work
Course: SWK 373

Monrovia & Ganta, Liberia
Course: IDS 289, BIO 408 OR possible directed study

Guanajuato, Mexico
Culturally Responsive Teaching
For Education students who have an interest in culturally responsive teaching

Spring Semester Course with Travel in May

Thessaloniki, Greece
Interdisciplinary Studies
Course: IDS 233 or 333
*Students must enroll in the course for the duration of the Spring Semester, and then travel the week after the semester ends

Massachusetts Spring Break (April)

Berlin, Germany
Graduate Level in Education and History (Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies)
Courses: EDG 845 or can be taken for PDP's

Summer Programs

Nanjing, China
6 Credits:
ENL 253 Multiethnic American Literature & HST 128 Global Societies
*This is a scholarship-funded program. Students only pay for airfare and visas.

Nevada & Utah, USA
Geography of the Southwest United States
Geography and Sustainability
Course: GPH 402

Bali, Indonesia
Course: THE 302

Krakow/Lublin/Warsaw, Poland AND Lviv, Ukraine
Undergraduate course: History 502
Graduate course: History 991

Course: BIO 399